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Pizza is my Passion. I find myself constantly thinking about how to make a better-tasting pizza at home. For years I have tried every pizza recipe I found in newspapers, cookbooks, web recipes and pizza books (I bought hundreds.) Time and time again, following the recipes I found or bought, the results were always the same. They did not taste like a pizza you would buy at a pizza shop or have delivered. It seemed the only way I could get that “Authentic Pizzeria” taste was to buy it at a local pizza shop or from one of the big chains. Buying pizzas for my kids and their friends over the years cost me more money than I’d like to think about. Think of how much money you could save over a year if you could make it yourself. After thirty years plus of trying to make pizza at home that has that “pizzeria taste,” I discovered the “secrets” of making “Authentic Pizzeria” pizza at home. 1PIZZASECRETS was created to share these “secrets” for a small price. Even if you don’t buy our product, you can still enjoy our free information that we will be providing here. Our goal is to be #1 in teaching anyone how to make pizza at home that has that “pizza joint” taste.


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